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150 Crochet Blocks by Sarah Hazell

150 Crochet Blocks by Sarah Hazell
Some crochet blocks are undeniable classics that will always have a special place in a crocheter's heart. This book brings all the best block patterns together in one gorgeous collection. Curated by crochet designer and tutor Sarah Hazell, discover this fantastic range of established designs that have earned their place as firm favourites within the crochet community.

Each block is flagged by skill level, accompanied by a short description focusing on its special features and characteristics. For the more experienced crocheter, the chosen yarn palette will remind you of why you fell in love with each block in the first place or, for those new to the craft, it could be the start of a new love affair.

- an incredible collection of 150 classic block patterns
- features large crochet charts, colour-coded for each sample
- every pattern is accompanied by row-by-row instructions


Author: Sarah Hazell

Publisher: Search Press
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