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20 To Make: Washi Tape Cards

20 To Make: Washi Tape Cards
This book is a wonderful introduction to the art of washi tape card-making, using easily available tools and materials. Readers will be able to make exciting, personalised multi-media cards using easy but effective techniques and taking the art of paper craft to a new level.

Cardmaking has always been popular, and this book brings this traditional and timeless papercraft right up-to-date through the use of fresh, modern designs, a range of mixed-media techniques and the latest products. This book builds on this tradition, but takes it in new and exciting directions by using all the latest techniques and products.

Sara's expertise and background knowledge, coupled with her easy and accessible style, make this book a wonderful introduction to modern mixed-media techniques and products for papercrafters and card-makers of all abilities.

The book contains 20 projects - all greetings cards, using a variety of techniques, such as stamping, spray-painting and layering, and widely available materials such as stamps, colour sprays and paints. Sara's passion is for making mixed-media techniques accessible to papercrafters of all abilities, so all the designs will be relatively simple, but very stylish.


Author: Sara Naumann

Publisher: Search Press

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