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Erika Knight Pattern: Knit It Tonight (8 designs)

Erika Knight Pattern: Knit It Tonight (8 designs)
A poster pattern of quick and easy projects to use up left overs or a hank or two of Erika Knight yarn collections. Yarns used: Maxi, Vintage and Fur.

1) Fur Collar: Collar knitted with fur wool in garter stitch and tied with a ribbon bow. Would work with vintage jewels or sequins sewn on too. Wear over T-shirt, shirt or sweater. Requires 12mm needles.

2) House Socks: Simple and stylish socks knitted on two needles with vintage wool, perfect for being comfortable at home or keeping you cosy in your winter boots. Requires 5 and 5.5 mm needles.

3) Maxi Wool Hat with Fur Pom Pom: The simplest hat to make quickly. Knit in maxi wool and top with a fur wool pom pom. Requires 12mm needles.

4) Maxi Wool Hat with Fur Brim: Another simple hat to make in maxi wool quickly. This one with a fur wool cuff. Requires 10mm and 12mm needles.

6) Cable Scarf with Fur Pom Poms: Giant cable knitted in maxi wool with fur wool pom pons. Requires 12mm needles.

7) Maxi Wool Headband: Simple and stylish headband knitted with maxi wool in rib and stocking stitch. Requires 12mm needles.

8) Welly Toppers in Maxi Wool and Fur. Requires 10mm and 12mm needles.

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