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Fold, Cut & Curl by Ayako Brodek & Shannon Voigt

Fold, Cut & Curl by Ayako Brodek & Shannon Voigt
Exquisite designs anyone can make using origami, kirigami, and quilling. Capture the perfect geometry and delicate beauty of stars, snowflakes, and sunbursts in paper. This beautiful book explains all the techniques you need to create 75 exquisite shapes. You can cut, fold, and curl your very own blizzard or galaxy!

The core techniques of origami, kirigami, and quilling are clearly illustrated with step-by-step photographs. Each design includes detailed written instructions, helpful hints, and templates where required. Also features inspirational ideas for finished projects. All three shapes look beautiful taped to windows or hung from a Christmas tree, but they can also decorate gifts and note cards, be used in appliqués or stencils, or even be transformed into exquisite jewellery.

Publisher: Search Press

Size: 222x222 mm

Pages: 144

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