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Hygge Knits by Nicki Trench

Hygge Knits by Nicki Trench
From Shetland to the Faroe Islands, Norway and beyond, there is a shared tradition of knitting intricate patterns in colours that combine and contrast. Whether you have been inspired by watching Danish dramas or you are fascinated by the intricate geometric patterns of Fair Isle, there are designs here that will make you want to pick up your needles and get knitting.

Garments include a tank top with a vintage feel, an adorable cardigan for a baby, and a Nordic-style yoked sweater. For the home, theres a cafetiere cosy, a chunky cushion cover, and more. Theres also a baby blanket that would make a perfect gift, and a lined cover for your e-reader.

With full colour charts for all patterns, and a techniques section to explain essential Fair-Isle knitting skills, you will have everything you need to know.


Author: Nicki Trench

Publisher: Cico Books

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