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Knitting for Tommy by Gosling & Evans

Knitting for Tommy by Gosling & Evans
Keeping the Great War Soldier Warm by Lucinda Gosling & Mary Evans

During the First World War a knitting craze swept across Britain, as women everywhere wanted to kit out their Tommies with socks, mittens, balaclavas, vests, jumpers and all manner of knitwear, some more graciously received than others! Millions of socks were sent from the home front to the front line in a bid to wage war on the dreaded trench foot and often seamstresses would tuck a love note or a simple message to the soldier far from home. Knitting circles and fundraisers became a daily part of womens lives and institutions and charities across Britain, with the Red Cross printing an official guide to how to kit out Tommies with the warmest wear. The craze was not just limited to Britain, as soon as the Americans joined the war, knitting became a national sport there too. Knitting for Tommy explores the knitting craze through magazine adverts, posters and photographs of the day, as well as offering a guide to kitting out the First World War Tommy through original knitting patterns of the day.

Includes 'how to' guides for knitting socks, mittens and balaclavas for the First World War Tommy

Size: 170x190 mm

Publisher: The History Press


Pages 144


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