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New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto

New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto
With the growing interest in lace, New Tatting is a fantastic book for getting started in the craft. Tatting is a means of creating lace by looping threads together. It creates dainty chains and edgings as well as single motifs and is used to edge and decorate textiles and clothing, as jewellery, or as large-scale lace projects in itself.

Tatting is getting new respect in the crafting world as people discover its traditional beauty while giving it more modern inflection. In New Tatting you will explore the modern colour and a fresh approach to tatting with incredible step-by-step photos and beautiful projects.

This book appeals to people who have never tatted before as well as tatters looking for something new and inspirational. Anyone interested in making lace will find that New Tatting offers everything needed to get started.

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Author: Tomoko Morimoto

Publisher: Interweave Press
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