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Stitch Divas: Henderson & Liddle

Stitch Divas: Henderson & Liddle
An exciting book with a mission to get young people stitching. Charlotte Liddle joins forces with Rachel Henderson, to communicate their passion for all things crafty to pre-teenagers, showing them how to design and make their own stitch projects.

This book includes the basics such as equipment needed, how to get started and step-by-step easy to follow instructions. Included within the book are six funky projects, from ipod cosies to photo frames, and from jewellery to bag charms. With recycling in mind, there is a section on how to revamp old clothes - turning an old sweater into a handbag.
Stitch Divas will encourage young people to become a confident designers showing how a craft workshop is structured as well as how to run a craft fair and stitch clubs.

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