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Super Scary Halloween Crochet by Nicki Trench

Super Scary Halloween Crochet by Nicki Trench
Sink your hook into this brilliant collection of 35 Halloween toys and accessories.

If you are bored with cute, sick of sweet, and prefer your patterns a little more on the dark side, you will love these spooky crochet projects; including zombies, witches, aliens and more.

There are five chapters covering characters that have committed all kinds of unforgivable deeds. The first, Scary Families, has creepy relatives who definitely believe that blood is thicker than water. Try making the Queen of Vampires, complete with felt crown and lace detailing, or Mr Alien, who has just landed on Earth, looking to set up a new colony. In Famous Scaries meet classic characters like the Headless Horseman and his horse Redeye, made in jet black yarn. The Invisible Man "appears" here as well, alongside other horror movie favourites such as Bigfoot. The Living Dead is a macabre mix of witches and ghouls, and the Deathly Companions chapter has plenty of villains to stitch.

As well as crocheting fun and frightening toys, in Creepy Trinkets you'll find patterns for Halloween accessories, including a spider bag and a shrunken head.


Author: Nicki Trench

Publisher: Cico Books

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